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Tapping Into the Future: 10 Innovative DevOps Project Ideas for 2024

DevOps is an amazing and highly demanding profession in the tech world. DevOps Projects are considered the best projects since they make the software fully automated by using some well-defined techniques. If you’re a learning enthusiast and have a good knowledge of DevOps, you have come to the right place.

In this blog, we’ll be reading about some of the best DevOps project ideas. These project ideas require skills in DevOps and a keen interest in building them. But before we begin, you must definitely read about what are DevOps projects.

What are DevOps Projects?

DevOps (Development and Operations) is a software engineering approach that focuses on working with the development and operations team collectively to automate the project at each level. It ensures reliable outcomes from the software. The eight stages of DevOps include – Plan>>Discover>>Continuous Feedback>>Observe>>Operate>>Deploy>>Test>>Build.

DevOps engineers work on some interesting and automated projects using DevOps techniques. These projects on DevOps give you a practical idea of its working.

10 Best DevOps Project Ideas for 2024

Let’s understand some of the best and top DevOps project ideas that you must try and get an idea of its working.

1. Web Server using Docker

If you’re a beginner thinking about which could be the best project idea on DevOps, you can start with building a web server using Docker. You must have a basic understanding of working with containers and how to use Docker to deploy and manage a web application. This project also lets you understand about monitoring your server and troubleshooting issues that arise at any time.

By building this project, you get a clear understanding of the basics of DevOps concepts. In this project, the client sends requests and the server responds to the queries of the client via the World Wide Web using HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) and other protocols, to communicate with the client and server.

2. Implement a CI/CD Pipeline

The next best DevOps project idea is implementing a CI/CD pipeline. A continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline is a set of procedures that one must follow to deploy a new software version. These pipelines are responsible for automating the software delivery process and making it faster and easier for new updates and features to be released.

You need to check on configuring and managing these pipelines for better functioning. Implementing a CI/CD pipeline helps accelerate application development and lifecycles, improves application stability and uptime, and builds quality into an automated build and release process.

3. Creating a Chatbot

Another project idea of DevOps is creating a chatbot that could be used for customer support. This chatbot helps customers to solve queries and also helps in troubleshooting problems. It acts as a two-way communication channel for fetching desired information from systems.

You can also use Amazon Lex which is a fully managed artificial intelligence (AI) service with advanced natural language models to design, build, test, and deploy conversational interfaces in applications. You need to be familiar with DevOps tools like AWS Lex, Hubot, Lita, and many more in order to build a feature-rich chatbot.

4. Jenkins Remoting Project

The next best DevOps project idea is the Jenkins Remoting project. This project was created to provide a set of APIs and tools that allow developers to remotely control a Jenkins server. It provides a stable and secure way to connect Jenkins nodes together. You can also find this project on GitHub.

If you looking for something where you can start learning DevOps in-depth, this project would be a perfect choice. It is used in a variety of situations, including distributing build load across multiple nodes, running jobs on nodes that have different architectures, and providing a higher degree of security by isolating nodes from one another.

5. Building VCS

Another best DevOps project idea is building a version control system such as GitHub. It is a platform that allows developers to track, undo, and redo changes to their codebase. In this project, you’ll learn how to integrate DevOps projects in GitHub, Jenkins, and more.

After you work on this project, you learn how VCS works and manage your codebase. Building a VCS will help developers interact with colleagues, track changes, and get back to earlier versions. This project helps in leveling up your learning concepts by building some new features using DevOps techniques.

6. Deploying a Containerized Web Application

The next DevOps project idea is deploying a containerized web application. It is a method to quickly build and release complex web applications. With the help of a Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) cluster, this project shows how to package a web application as a Docker container image and operate it. The web application is then launched as a load-balanced network of replicas that can expand in size in response to user demand.

This project will show you how to package a sample web application into a Docker image and upload the Docker image to the Artifact Registry. Complex apps can be built and released fast using the container deployment technique. To deploy a web application to a Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) cluster, a web application can be packaged as a Docker container image in this project.

7. Structuring a Terraform Project

This project on DevOps will help you understand how to organize Terraform projects based on their general purpose and complexity. You can use the Terraform features such as variables, localities, data sources, and provisioners to design a project with a simple structure. Terraform projects must be correctly organized in accordance with their use cases and perceived complexity in order to ensure their maintainability and extensibility in day-to-day operations.

Terraform Kubernetes Installer helps in the deployment of Kubernetes clusters in a simpler and quicker way. For Terraform projects to be maintainable and extensible in day-to-day operations, they must be properly organized in accordance with their use cases and perceived complexity.

8. Build a Scalable Application with Kubernetes and Docker

Scalability is one such thing that everyone looks for as the growing demands. The next best DevOps project idea is building a scalable application with Kubernetes and Docker. Scalable programs use the necessary resources by adding and deleting them as needed to meet demand. Teams may reorganize into a distributed microservice architecture as cloud applications get more complex, resulting in shorter software delivery cycles.

You will learn a lot about application architecture and the factors that contribute to its importance through this project. Your objective is to build a solid foundation based on clearly defined principles in order to establish a scalable application. The finished product will be able to adapt and grow to meet the needs of the business by avoiding higher code maintenance expenses and deployment issues.

9. Using Azure to create a CI/CD Pipeline

Typically, Azure DevOps Services (formerly known as Visual Studio Team Services or VSTS) are used to build a Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline utilizing Microsoft Azure. Version control, build automation, testing, and deployment are just a few of the tools and services offered by Azure DevOps Services for software development.

The process of developing, deploying, and testing code in order to provide a new software version is referred to as the CI/CD pipeline, or Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery. It aids in the automation of the delivery of software. This project can speed up the development of an application, increase its stability and uptime, and effectively deploy the application to a variety of Azure services using Azure.

10. Building an App Monitoring Dashboard

Setting up the required tools and integrations to gather, evaluate, and assess application performance and health information is required when creating an application monitoring dashboard in DevOps. Such a dashboard offers immediate perceptions of how the application behaves and aids in the early detection and resolution of problems.

In this section, you’ll build a dashboard that enables you to monitor an application. Utilizing monitoring tools, you will instrument servers and add instrumentation to apps. Measurements must also be taken and added to the tool. Through this project, you will gain more knowledge about time-series databases and how monitoring tools work. Some useful tools are Prometheus, Graphite, Statsd, Nagios, and Grafana.


These were some of the best project ideas on DevOps which you should definitely try on. These project ideas give you a real hands-on experience. Building some amazing projects gives you practical ideas and makes you industry-ready. These are the best DevOps project ideas in 2024 which when implemented add up value to your resume.

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