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The Top 9 Metaverse And Web3 Consulting Firms

Unsure about what exactly the metaverse is, or will be? You’re not alone. At the moment, the term is basically best thought of as a “catch-all” name for the next iteration of the internet. Most people agree it will be more immersive, persistent, and avatar-driven.

One thing that’s generally agreed on, however, is that it's a business opportunity, the like of which hasn't been seen since the first emergence of the internet. This means that there’s no shortage of experts vying to give brands advice on the best ways to get involved and make their mark.

Here’s an overview of some of the key players in the business. Not all of them are the same, and they don't all offer the same services, as metaverse encompasses a wide range of technological disciplines. Of course, with any new field of enterprise, cowboys and snake-oil salesmen are always quick to arrive on the scene, so always do your own research before handing over any money! But you can think of this short list as a primer on some of the most prominent names as well as an overview of the types of services that are available.

The metaverse division of Infosys promises as-a-service tools and platforms that can help brands to take their first steps into the world of metaverse development. The global tech company has access to pools of expertise in all fields of technology, including AI, VR, and IoT, meaning they are perfectly placed to deliver end-to-end consultancy and development services.

Wipro is another global technology service provider that has recently added metaverse consultancy and development to its portfolio. It has recently released a guide for manufacturing companies that are interested in the opportunities of the metaverse.

“Meet me in the metaverse” is Accenture’s offer to brands and businesses wanting to make the leap to doing business in immersive, interconnected digital worlds. It offers consultancy and development services across 2D and 3D virtual worlds, extended reality (XR), digital twinning, and blockchain.

Another globally-recognized technology consultancy that has quickly seen the value of establishing itself as a provider of metaverse services. BCG offers consulting and strategy development around AR, VR, and MR, persistent environments and platforms, and web3 elements, including cryptocurrency, blockchain, and NFTs. It also offers to assist with strategies around mergers and acquisitions for companies looking to buy up metaverse assets and capabilities.

They specialize in immersive, 3D AR and VR environments built using in-house solutions as well as established web3 platforms. The company may not be as well-known as the companies previously mentioned, but since its establishing in 2017, they have already worked with clients including L’Oreal, Twitter, Orange, and Balenciaga.

This consulting and development company is focused on the blockchain and decentralized aspects of the metaverse paradigm, such as cryptocurrency networks (Bitcoin/Ethereum), smart contracts, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are often referred to collectively as web3. It counts Goldman Sachs, Disney, and Mercedes-Benz among its clients.

Al Dente is a Paris-based, metaverse-focused marketing agency that has worked to launch campaigns for prestigious clients such as Versace, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton. They term their high-end metaverse strategies “metaluxury," and if you have a brand that wants to benefit from experiential marketing, NFT strategies, or building a presence on platforms like The Sandbox, they are quickly becoming known as the people to talk to.

A division of Fortnite creator Epic Games, SuperAwesome specializes in creating metaverse gaming experiences for brands across a variety of platforms, from Fortnite Creative to Roblox. It has a particular focus on creating youth-friendly experiences and counts DreamWorks Animation among its clients.

Another marketing-focused metaverse consultancy and agency, VBG, work across a variety of platforms, such as Minecraft, Roblox, and Fortnite, to create interactive, immersive experiences. A recent success story of theirs involved launching Forever 21 into the metaverse, enabling fans of the brand to purchase virtual merchandise in their Roblox-based store.

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